#loveletter to the woman crying outside the coffee shop

I saw you crying on the bench, on the phone, and kept walking

inside to order my scone and tea.

I didn’t stop because I’m always torn between the desire

to let you have your space for your grief,

and to tell you you’re not alone.

Countless times, in countless towns, I’ve been on that bench, on that call, in those tears.

I hope that this moment passes quickly for you, but know that it might not.

I hope this moment makes the next joyful one that much brighter.

I hope this moment’s grief is only a hiccup in your happiness.

While it might feel like everything right now, know that it’s not. Not in the long run.

It’s only a moment.

Even when those moments add up, they’re each still only a moment,

and you’re strong enough to move through each of them.

My friend, I wish you luck, and I wish you joy, and more than anything, I wish you confidence in knowing that this, too, shall pass.

~ cdls


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