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What is this site?

As a University teacher of Communication Studies, I’ve always joked that my introductory class is unofficially titled “How to Get Along in the World Without Being a Jackass.” That, after all, is my goal for it – helping students learn the basics of effectively interacting with others and being able to adjust their practices based on the situations in which they find themselves.

Over the years, this joke continues to garner the same responses again and again :

“I need that class!”

“Can I take yours?”

“I know some people who could use that…”

And so, here it is. For all the folks who may find them useful, I’m taking the skills I teach in the classroom to the interwebs.

My goal here is to talk through everyday scenarios we find ourselves in but perhaps don’t quite know how to best handle, myself included. These examples arise from conversations overheard, scenarios encountered, and my own fumbled attempts. That’s right folks, real life. As a teacher, trainer, writer, and rock climber, effective communication is my lifeblood. (In the case of climbing, we’re even talking literally! )

For each of the topics, I’ll look at the issue from a communication-focused perspective and pass on some of the oodles of research about how we can do it better next time around.

If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see, send them my way!     ~cdls

Who is its author?

Christy-Dale has several fancy framed pieces of paper on her wall that declare she’s spent a lot of effort and years learning about effectively communicating and strategically persuading. Over the past decade, she’s been teaching these practices at the University level in Colorado and Virginia, but wants to take this advice beyond the Ivory Tower and into the real world.

She practices what she preaches outside the classroom with colleagues, adventure partners, and complete strangers.



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