Wait, conflict can be GOOD??

"Have you talked to your group that you feel like you're doing all the work?" "No. I don't like to be 'that guy'." Well kid, none of us do. I mean, some people do, but then I'd be having a different conversation, probably with his group members, about how to accept the constructive criticism being... Continue Reading →


Effectively Interacting. Or, Kicking Off Advice about Avoiding Jackassery

This blog is an attempt to take the advice out of my head and my class, and pass it on to those folks who might find it useful in their own friendships, families, romances, work places, and throughout other spheres of their lives. Along the way, there's bound to be tales of my own friendships, families, romances, work places, and outdoor adventures, because they are rife with examples! I'm geeky enough (or perhaps academically trained enough) to include references to the Communication concepts and theories I mention for those who might want to know more. I'm grateful enough to those who make my life possible to offer Shout Outs for those who've influenced the post's existence.

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