Online Dating is the Neighborhood Bar of Our Day, Let’s Work on Your Pick-Up Lines.

Neighborhoods are now global, and populations have exploded. The pool of people you could potentially be dating is now diluted by everyone else who’s moved in, and dispersed into whatever neighborhoods their work or finances take them. You should say there are fewer parts per million concentration of dating potentials. As a result, we increasingly seek out online forums to meet the people who are anonymously living their lives just feet or miles from where we are, perpetual ships passing in the night. An online dating profile is the blinking light in the dark that says “I’m here.” The trick then is to determine whether that light signals safe harbor or rocks ahead. Those lights in the dark have only a moment to get their message across – a few photos, a few hundred characters, and that’s it. To best deploy those resources, here's a woman's guide for men seeking women about what and what not to include in brief online dating profiles.


Intent vs. Impact! Or, the Fundamental Attribution Error

"People are pretty much alike. It's only that our differences are more susceptible to definition than our similarities."  ~ Linda Ellerbee This and next week, I'm taking my turn on the other side of the classroom, taking a 40-hour mediation training class, 8:30am-5:30am. Doing so, I've swiftly been reminded that learning is exhausting. A concept... Continue Reading →

Effectively Interacting. Or, Kicking Off Advice about Avoiding Jackassery

This blog is an attempt to take the advice out of my head and my class, and pass it on to those folks who might find it useful in their own friendships, families, romances, work places, and throughout other spheres of their lives. Along the way, there's bound to be tales of my own friendships, families, romances, work places, and outdoor adventures, because they are rife with examples! I'm geeky enough (or perhaps academically trained enough) to include references to the Communication concepts and theories I mention for those who might want to know more. I'm grateful enough to those who make my life possible to offer Shout Outs for those who've influenced the post's existence.

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